Installing leaf guard gutters has generated discussion among homeowners and roofing contractors over the past few years. While some people like leaf guard gutters, others claim that they make cleaning the roof more difficult. Therefore, do leaf guard gutters actually work?

You prepare the ladder and put on your gardening gloves each spring and autumn to begin cleaning the gutters, the decaying branches, leaves, mud, and other trash, including bird and squirrel nests. It may take the most of the day on Saturday.

Leaf guard gutters are designed to keep that debris out of the gutter lines, so you won't have to spend your Saturdays cleaning them. The installation of leaf guard gutters, according to its proponents, must be done correctly in order to reap their full benefits.

Do leaf gutter guards pose any issues?

People who oppose leaf guard gutters are the first to point out the drawbacks of these leafguard gutters, such as the buildup of junk on top of the leaf guard and how this detracts from the appearance of your home’s exterior.

Another aspect of leaf guard gutters to think about is the possibility that improper installation might void your roof’s warranty. This is proof that you should hire a qualified roofing contractor with expertise installing leaf guard gutters since there are proper ways and wrong ways to do it. The roof warranty may be voided if leaf guard gutters are fastened to the roof tiles with nails or other hardware.

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